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The story of the Apollo spacesuit, the 21-layer garment that landed on the moon, told by Nicholas de Monchaux in 21 essays relevant to the suit, the body, and the technology of the twentieth century.

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Author: Nicholas de Monchaux
Material: Hardcover book. 380 pages, 26 color and 114 b&w illustrations.
Dimensions: 18 × 23 cm | 7.1 × 9 in.
Publisher: MIT Press
Origin: United States

He touches, among other things, on eighteenth-century androids, Christian Dior’s New Look, Atlas missiles, cybernetics and cyborgs, latex, JFK’s carefully cultivated image, the CBS lunar broadcast soundstage, NASA’s Mission Control, and the applications of Apollo-style engineering to city planning.

As observed by Tim Maly of Icon magazine: “De Monchaux swings masterfully between subjects, teasing out unexpected connections and spotting the seeds of contemporary life that were planted by the space race.”

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  1. Cobus Bester

    Wonderful collection of WooThemes classics! A must buy for all Woo fans.

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