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Snowball is a special edition Mozartkugel lacquered in white semi-matte, and accompanied by an all-white key.

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With a turn the oversized metal key, Mozart’s Voi che sapete (from Marriage of Figaro) starts radiating from inside a large, solid wooden ball. This playful wind-up music box is designed by Adam + Harborth of Siebensachen, and manufactured in a village bordering the Black Forest. The 18-note mechanism is mounted in premium quality wood that has been fashioned into a perfect sphere and finished with a satin wax.

Edition #03 Golden Oak is an all-new Kugel with a golden wax finish rubbed manually into the brushed oak wood. It plays “That Sounds So Glorious” from Mozart’s Magic Flute, and its key is made of untreated brass.

Designer: Adam + Harborth
Maker: Siebensachen
Material: Beech, Oak, White-Lacquered Beech, Golden Brushed Oak
Dimensions: ø9.2 cm | ø3.6 in.
Origin: Germany
Notes: Ring-shaped metal cradle included

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Dark – Oak, Edition #01 Snowball, Edition #03 Golden Oak, Light – Beech

2 reviews for Mozartkugel Box

  1. James Koster

    The most influential album of the last 25 years? This just might be it.

  2. Coen Jacobs

    Some rad tunes on this album!

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